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Home Health Nurse
HOME HEALTH AIDES, are also called homemaker home health aides or home attendants. They are workers who help professionals, and they are employed by private hospitals and clinics and nonprofit community health agencies.
Following a doctor’s treatment plan, Home Health Aides work under the supervision of a registered nurse or physical therapist and take care of and do house chores for the elderly and disabled. They also take care of children when their mother or father is sick or disabled.

Aides do whatever is needed for patients who can’t live alone without help. They keep a home running as normally as possible and make it possible for the sick to stay at home instead of moving to a nursing home.

Some typical duties of Home Health Aides include helping the patient take a bath, use the toilet or bed pan, and to move around. They check pulse and breathing rates; they change bandages; and they help patients take their medicine. They also do cleaning for the safety and comfort of the patient.
They clean a patient’s room, kitchen, and bathroom, do the laundry, and change bed sheets and pillow cases. Aides also plan meals (including special diets), shop for food, and fix meals. On top of their regular duties, they give patients emotional support and teach them how to get along independently. They show patients how to make a healthy meal on a low budget and ways that patients can make due and take care of themselves in spite of their sickness or disability. The aides keep patients mentally healthy and alert by having conversations with them. They help coordinate patient care with other members of the health care team. They report changes in the patient’s condition to the nurse supervisor and keep records of patient care.