Care for the Terminally Ill:
Caregivers provides respite and supportive care to clients and their families dealing with a terminal illness or condition. Caregivers will work to supplement the care provided by your hospice care provided. Supportive care services such as home health aide services can help you and your family during this difficult time.

Care of the Disabled:
Caregivers Home Health is a leading provider of services to people in the community. Services assist people to maintain independent living arrangements while at the same time getting the needed support to stay in their homes. Clients with quadriplegia, paraplegia, and other medical conditions maintain independent lives with care giving assistance

Skilled Nursing:

Registered and licensed practical nurses are available to provide intermittent follow up visits for you and your doctor after you have been hospitalized or diagnosed with a condition requiring nursing intervention.  Nurses do follow up monitoring, teaching, and wound care, etc.  Caregivers nurses communicate with your doctor to help manage your care and keep you on the road to recovery and wellness.  Visits are often covered by Medicare and private insurance.

Home Health Aides:
Home Health Aides are available to assist you with bathing, shampoo, dressing, and other personal care needs. Aides will assist with meal preparation, light housekeeping, and errands so you can remain in your own home with a minimal amount of assistance.

Therapy Services:
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy services are available through some locations to assist you with rehabilitation after your illness or injury.

Pediatric Nursing:
Caregivers is one of your leading local providers of nursing care for children. Caregivers provides care to technology dependent children with tracheotomies, feeding tubes, and ventilator care needs. Our pediatric care is managed by our Pediatric Director of Nursing who is certified as a Pediatric nurse. Caregivers will coordinate with your doctors and the hospital to bring your child home and assist in making the transition to home as easy as possible.

Respite Care:
Nurses and aides can be hired to assist with care of an elderly parent, a disabled child, or the terminally ill. Respite care allows the primary care giver to take a break and get the much needed rest and relaxation needed to keep them healthy.

Personal Care/Bathing:
Caregivers has developed a “bath service” for those who only need assistance with a bath or shower and are independent with the rest of their activities of daily living. The “bath service” promotes safety for those who have difficulty navigating a bathroom safely and/or getting in and out of a shower or tub.

Private Duty Nursing:
RN’s and LPN’s are available to provide nursing care coverage on an hourly basis for those needing care for extended periods of time or around the clock.